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MalkieriCon 2022 is thrilled to be partnering with

Fresh Start for Hens & Chicken Rescue UK 

as the beneficiaries of our charity auction!

Inspired by rescue stories posted on Instagram by Juliet Howland (Natti Cauthon),

Jen's #HenNews segement on the Talk'aran'rhiod Podcast,

& Rob's own memories of having chickens when he was younger,

it seemed like a no brainer 

that we team up with both of these incredible charities to help raise funds 

to help save as many chickens from slaughter as possible.




Welcome to Fresh Start for Hens

We are a not for profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial egg production sector.

OUR AIM is to ensure as many people as possible are aware of the plight of the commercial hen, and demonstrate that there are alternatives to early slaughter.

OUR COMMITMENT is to rehome as many hens as we can into suitable homes, where they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

OUR GOAL is to educate the public about the ethical benefits of buying free range eggs, whilst supporting the work of British farmers.

Find out more here


"We are passionate about rescuing and rehoming chickens from commercial UK egg production.

It is little known that the chickens that produce the eggs that you enjoy for breakfast, for baking and cooking are deemed not commercially viable at a mere 72 weeks of age.

It’s around then that their egg production naturally starts to slow down and farmers look to replace them with newer, younger chickens who will keep egg production rates up.

Commercial chickens are kept either in enriched cages, in barns or in free range systems. They are no longer kept in battery cages, but are still sometimes referred to as battery hens. See our blog post on commercial egg production for more information.

These 72 week old chickens are sent to slaughter to be used in a range of products including human and pet foods despite a potential to live from 5-10 years, their lives are cut short.

This is when Chicken Rescue UK steps in. We are a 100% volunteer run community interest company. We are associated with a number of farmers around the UK from which we purchase these hens in order to give them a new life with loving new owners.

Rescue chickens find their way to smallholdings, allotments, schools, homes in towns, cities and the countryside. You might not realise that chickens make great pets but they really do, and you get the added bonus of fresh, home produced eggs."

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