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Rob often does one of kind livestream events on his YouTube channel which range from regular segments such as 'Weaving the Wheel of Love' or diving into Armor with his friend Petr, right through to fun one off recordings diving into a fun collection of topics. 

Rob loves to bring news and special events to the fandom whenever he can and those lives, videos, and shorts can all be found in his Daily Veil section!

He also does a very special & extremely sporadic livestream called

'The Rusty Heel'.  This is when Rob takes on the role of PubKeeper and unofficially fills in for his friend Matt Hatch, Innkeeper of The Dusty Wheel, whenever he deservedly takes a Wednesday evening off!

The Wheel of Love
WoTails - The Drinks of Wheel of Time
Wheel of Time Armour
Wheel of Time Shipping - Monster Edition
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