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Con Rules

MalkieriCon is committed to being a a space open to all Wheel of Time fans, whether a fan is diehard or casual, new or old, book reader or TV Show enjoyer, MalkieriCon strives to be a place for all fans to get together, feel included and make lasting friendships and make connections to last a lifetime. With this in mind, please take some time to review the below the conventions rules.


These rules apply to all attendees — which includes all MalkieriCon committee and staff members, volunteers, participants, guests, and panelists both online and in person. It is our expectation that in addition to these individuals, all those working for and with the hotels/venues where our activities are taking place will be treated respectfully in line with the principles of these rules.

How can you help?

  • Support others! If you see someone who looks like they may need help, ask if they are okay or notify a member of the convention staff/volunteer.

  • Ask first! It only takes a moment to ask a question if you are unsure of something, and asking for permission is better than asking for forgiveness in this event/scenario.

  • Read and follow these rules, and encourage your friends to do so as well.

  • Remember that all attendees come from a variety of locations, cultures, and backgrounds. Misunderstandings can happen easily, so be mindful of this fact in your interaction, both online and in person.



It is expected that everyone involved with MalkieriCon shows respect for the convention attendees, general public, venue staff, and the various committees and organizers associated with this convention. 


Anti-Racism Policy

MalkieriCon is committed to creating an environment that is as close to oppression free as possible, and a core component to this commitment is our policy on racism [which includes prejudice, bias, and aggressions]. This includes, but is not limited to, statements made to and about other MalkieriCon attendees. We strive to ensure that no one is ignored, dismissed, or talked over, and we work hard to make MalkieriCon as accessible as possible to attendees from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Problems attendees of conventions often face are, but are not limited to:

  • Having their lived experiences dismissed;

  • An expectation that they will be authorities on racial- or ethnic-specific characters/elements;

  • Being talked down or assumed to have less knowledge on topics of discussion;

  • Having their cosplay negatively criticized without asking;

  • Presumption that individuals do not belong in a space or discussion based on their racial or ethnic background and experience;

  • The use of terms meant to demean or belittle ideas of diversity and inclusion;

  • The use of social media to harass and abuse individuals based on the growth of diversity and representation in discussions, panels, or when commenting on their participation in the fandom;

  • Being the target of harassment, retribution, or aggression, both online and in person;

This brand of behavior is not tolerated at MalkieriCon.


Weapons Policy

Do NOT bring weapons to MalkieriCon, regardless of whether you have a permit for it or not.

  1. Real/functioning weapons are not permitted. This includes firearms, electric weapons, laser weapons, thrown weapons, blunt force weapons, missile/projectile weapons, and any sharpened blade larger than a pocket knife.

  2. Items that may be used as weapons [ie. staff and walking sticks] are not banned; however, if they are used in a threatening manner, the object will be classified as a weapon and must be removed from the convention space. Anyone who refuses to do so may be removed from the convention without refund.

  3. Prop weapons should be easily identifiable as prop weapons and not easily confused for real weapons. Convention Staff reserve final judgement on whether a prop weapon will be banned or allowed.

  4. If weapons demonstrations are included as part of the program, the weapons used must be approved by the convention staff, in advance, in writing. Weapons used in these demonstrations must be securely wrapped when transported to and from the demonstration location(s).

  5. Any weapons that are available for purchase must be securely wrapped and transported to your room or vehicle.

  6. Law enforcement often carries weapons as part of their duties. When asked, these individuals need only produce valid credentials to verify their duty requirements. Individuals claiming to be law enforcement personnel who refuse to produce valid credentials to verify their duty requirements will be asked to leave the convention space.

  7. Any weapons used as part of cosplay [ie. swords, daggers, etc.] must have a sheath and be peacebound [tied in such a way as they cannot be drawn from their sheath unless the binding is removed] at all times. These items may be temporarily unbound for the purpose of photography, but must be rebound immediately once any photography is finished.



Please wear your badge where it can be seen at all times while in the convention space. This is a membership only event, and your badge is your admission pass to all convention activities and areas. A badge is valid only for the individual to which it was issued.



Any personal information collected will be kept strictly confidential, and your consent will always be requested before any such information is shared. We must maintain records relating to registration and financial transactions. Outside of this requirement, at your request, we will remove any information about attendees/participants from all online systems after the convention.


Attendee financial information is not seen or handled by any member of the convention staff and is handled exclusively by online payment services. Any physically-submitted financial information is kept secure and will never be shared with anyone or used for any purpose other than membership or other transactions requested by the attendee. 


Other Matters

  1. Possession of an alcoholic beverage by any person(s) under the age of 18 years old is grounds for immediate removal from the convention space without a refund. 

  2. Photography and videography are not permitted at any art showing/auctions/sales, without express permission from the artist(s).

  3. MalkieriCon is not liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen property, or any injuries sustained by attendees during or over the course of the convention, though we do offer our sincerest sympathies.

  4. No camping or sleeping in the halls or lobby is permitted. If you are found sleeping in public areas, you will be asked to return to your hotel room. If you do not have a room, you will be asked to leave the hotel/venue.

  5. Do not abuse the facilities. Abuse includes the placing of signs on walls, smoking in non-smoking areas, and otherwise violating any rules set forth by the venue. 

  6. Please remember that wearing nothing is not a costume. There are nudity laws that must be followed.

  7. The flying/use of lighter-than-air objects, drones, devices, or RC aircraft is not permitted within the convention space indoors. This includes tethered crafts.


MalkieriCon reserves the right to dismiss/remove attendees, invalidate badges, etc. as seen fit by the MalkieriCon committee members within the reasonable confines and allowances of MalkieriCon policies and guidelines.

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