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WoTaHoliday is the annual charity event run by the Malkier Talks channel in association with Andrew of Black Tower Podcast. Every December we pull together a giant collection of Wheel of Time Content Creators for a 24 hour charity livestream with the goal of raising funds for the Lightweaver Foundation.


In our most recent year, 2022, we managed to raise over $12,000 & raising our greatest amount so far. We cant wait to bring you more joy and laughter in our 2023 event.

WoTaHoliday 2023 will take place on 
December 2nd - 3rd

7.30pm ET

The Lightweaver Foundation is a 501(c)3 established in 2015 by Brandon and Emily Sanderson, and affiliated with Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.

All people have basic needs, which include food, water, shelter, and clothing. We want to do our part to provide these things to those in need. We also believe that feeding the mind contributes to individual well being and to the good of society as a whole. Therefore, we strive to promote literacy and make books available to any who lack them. We work with established non-profits as well as using our own resources to fill these needs in both our local community and in the wider world.

WoTaHoliday 2022

WoTaHoliday 2021